Compliance Management

Compliance management at Meditel stands for treatment compliance and adherence. For an optimal implementation of therapy, patients have to understand the necessity of a medical prescription and the therapy plan. We support patients and explain them relevant medical concepts. Patient are continuously cared for to enable and empower them in their personal contribution for a successful treatment. In this context, we provide patients with support ranging from simple reminders to detailed guidance and individualized support. Such support is provided by our medically trained staff in our service centre or by our nurses at the patients’ homes. We provide our clients with a monthly reporting that details important parameters of patient compliance via anonymized statistics.  Improved adherence and compliance management has the positive effect of increasing medication sales as well as more successful treatment outcomes for the patient.


We provide our clients with timely recording, forwarding and documentation of adverse events reporting and product complaints. In order to guarantee high quality adverse event management, we work closely with our external pharmacovigilance officer. We provide our clients with monthly monitoring and reporting as well as reconciliation of adverse events reports.