Homecare is the continuation of the therapy at home, which has been prescribed by a patient’s physician. Meditel has a nation-wide network of permanently employed nurses as well as freelance nurses. These mobile nurses support patients with their therapy at home after the prerequisite physician’s approval.

Meditel’s goal is to empower the patient in close cooperation with the treating physician towards independence. However, permanent support is also possible, according to patient’s individual needs. Over the whole period of the therapy our mobile nurses are always available for support in case of questions or problems.  This is accomplished in close consultation with the treating physician.

Our commitment as a homecare service provider begins with the adjustment of the patients to a new therapy. If required, we accompany the patients to a medical practice or to a hospital from the first day of the therapy onwards. Our highly qualified nurses provide patients and their relatives with intensive, hands-on training both regarding the correct administration of medication and, if required, relevant medical devices. Our nurses bring the required medication, medical devices and medical assistive equipment, as well as information brochures to the initial appointment of the patient at the treatment center/ physician, when the therapy is started.

Meditel has long-standing experience in the provision of patient care for all age groups, and specific knowledge and experience in patient care with co-morbidities and special needs. We have experience with working with patients from many different nationalities and social backgrounds.

Patients, physicians/hospitals and pharmaceutical companies benefit from our patient support programs in equal measures:

  • More autonomy, quality of life and flexibility for the patient
  • Support and motivation of the patient
  • Time savings and reduction of workload for hospitals and medical practices due to fewer patients, for whom long-term, continuous support is required
  • Competitive advantage over other pharmaceutical companies by the provision of additional services
  • Sales increase through improved adherence and product loyalty
  • Enhanced success of therapy by improved patient adherence